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I've switched hosting providers!  The site is now being served by DigitalOcean.  I wasn't particularly unhappy with my prior host, but I had been running into some technical difficulties that were tough to address on a shared server environment.  With DO, the site is now on its own virtual private server, so I have a lot more control.  My experience as a server admin is moderate, but DO has had a user-friendly tutorial for everything that I needed to install and set up.  Their pricing structure should also end up saving me money (pay for what you use, rather than a flat rate).  The link above has my referral code, which provides a $50, 30 day credit for new sign-ups - if you're looking for a hosting provider, and have enough technical knowledge to manage your own server space, check 'em out!

Ugh, this post totally reads like an advertisement :)  Honestly it's just been a good experience so far - if it turns sour, you'll hear about that too.

July 13, 2019

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